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Vehicle Graphics

More and more companies are discovering the power of well designed fleet advertising
to enhance brand recognition.

Over 90% of travelers notice the graphics they see on fleet vehicles. Seventy five percent of consumers form an opinion about a company based on its fleet graphics. Forty percent of people base buying decisions on impressions they receive from company vehicles. With these types of numbers in mind, your fleet image cannot afford to be anything but exceptional.

Red white and blue cab Horrocks semi trailer

At Fleet Image, we always use the highest quality vinyl specifically suited to vehicle graphics. That is not the norm in our industry, but we refuse to work with anything but the highest quality materials. Your reputation depends on it, and our goal is to give your company a definitive advantage over the competition.

From simple to complex, we can design a graphics system to change how the public views and values your business or event.

State of Michigan trailer Mailers truck

Your vehicle will never leave our shop looking anything other than stunning - both to those with a practiced eye for layout and balance as well as the person without an artistic bent.

While we specialize in vehicle graphics, we also provide custom signs, banners and window lettering.

Custom pickup graphics 7-Up Truck

At Fleet Image we are large enough to accommodate even the most demanding project, yet we are small enough to really care about you and your company. You will never receive anything less than outstanding customer service. That is what our reputation is staked on.