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Company History

In March of 1987, Roland Brandt purchased Fleet Image of Lansing from a company based in Grand Rapids. From 1998 to 2001 he turned over ownership of the company to his son Brian. On January 1, 2001 Brian became the sole owner of the company.

Fleets original business is located on Lanac Street in Delta Township, near the new General Motors plant. Recently the company has expanded its operations to a second location in Charlotte, Michigan.

Fleet is a large vehicle commercial painter catering to commercial trucking enterprises such as Ryder, Meijer, Michigan State University, Penske, Starr Trucking, General Motors, etc. In 1994 fleet expanded its operations to include computerized vinyl graphics for commercial vehicles. Fleet also does sandblasting and paint preparation of vehicle components for some of its customers.

In 2006 Fleet contracted with Spartan Motors to paint military vehicles being produced by Spartan. The work being done for Spartan Motors is specialized for military applications. Fleet applies chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) pursuant to U.S. Army specifications. This protects the military equipment from the effects of chemical warfare agents and is able to withstand the degradations caused by cleaning and decontamination procedures in the aftermath of a chemical attack.

Fleets 23,200 square foot facility in Charlotte has a vehicle washing facility, contained paint mixing room, specialized paint booth which cures the application on military vehicles to 160 degrees. Also, Fleet has invested in a turbine based, high volume, low pressure spray system which delivers a large volume of air directly and continuously to the spray gun at a constant pressure. In addition to the transfer efficiency this equipment allows Fleet to reduce the amount of paint from 8 gallons per vehicle to 5 gallons per vehicle, a significant cost savings.

Fleet has a commitment to employee safety and environmental citizenship. Fleets fresh air system along with full body and head suits for its painters means no exposure to harmful toxins for its workers. Additionally, Fleets organic water based paint equipment cleaning system means no hazardous chemicals are being used for day to day cleaning.